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the floor is dirty and needs to be cleaned
an outdoor patio with seating and lights at dusk, in front of a large house
Amazing Athens Barnhouse And Stables (Debra @DustJacket)
two pictures of horses sticking their heads out of the stable doors and looking at each other
the inside of a horse stable with an open door and chandelier hanging from the ceiling
the horse saddles are lined up on the wall
a horse wearing a blanket standing in an enclosed area with wood paneling and windows
Stall goals
a white horse with black saddle standing on the street
a person riding on the back of a brown horse wearing a black jacket and hat
several pairs of horse riding boots are lined up on a shelf in a room with checkered flooring
the inside of a horse stable with an iron gate and black railings on each side
Luxury European Horse Stall Fronts