Erika Cardozo Pereira

Erika Cardozo Pereira

Erika Cardozo Pereira
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A very well illustration of a well done vertical green planter being use for practicality.

Nosso painel modular para jardim vertical.

With pallet wood ideas, you can finally personalize your space without having to spend a fortune on getting that perfect rustic chic look ,turn simple.

Painel para jardim vertical de sacadas, varandas e terraços de apartamentos e casas. <br>Madeira tratada com stain hidrorepelente, com ação fungicida e inseticida. <br>Vaso + kit drenagem (argila expandida e manta) para plantio. <br>Parafusos, buchas e ganchos para fixação. <br>Plantas (consultar disponibilidade).

This vertical green planter is appealing and its intriguing. I definitely recommend this for any restaurant, hotel, any where people will wait because its just soothing and distractful and above all gorgeous. I wish I could give credit to source/