Fake beam, easy to install and can hide wiring so you can put lights or fans where you need them.

Jenna Sue: Kitchen Chronicles: DIY Wood Beams (this photo shows the simplicity of the project, but doesn't show the beautiful straps, etc.) For master, and maybe kids room and living room

Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio @AAmpstudio #plan #section #detail

Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio

Built by AAmp Studio in West Hollywood, United States with date Images by Andrew Ashey. The design for Compartes Melrose is centered on the brand’s use of triangles, featured prominently in its packaging a.


Ever wonder what it is like to have an ergonomic kneeling chair in the office?

Suspended/Drop Ceilings

Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Panels

Decorative vinyl ceiling tiles and drop ceiling panels that are affordable, easy to install/maintain, mold/mildew resistant, and dust (and rust!