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a hand holding a key to a black and white wall mounted device with a red light on it
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Porte clefs originale...j 'adore
four different colored metal tables with rusted paint on them, and one has a green table top
Freunde von Freunden
Inhabitat - Weld House (Design by Joel Hester) These tables designed by Joel Hester are simply amazing. He takes hoods and other metal bits off of old, rusted-out cars and turns them into amazing tables, while preserving the unique character of each piece of metal. Every table has dings and rust spots and all sorts of lovely little bits of character. - via the craft begins and inhabitat
a bmw tire is hooked up to a water pump in front of a red building
24 Low-Cost Ways To Power Up Your Homes Curb Appeal - HomeDesignInspired
a lamp that is on top of a metal stand with lights in the shape of letters
75 Amazing Car Parts Furniture Ideas [2020 Updated] - Greenorc
Car Parts Furniture Ideas (18)
a white and blue bench sitting in front of a wooden wall with pictures on it
Cool ManCaves - ha! this could be an awesome backyard bench or bar... hilarious... #thatseasier #cool #mancaves
a blue office chair with red, white and blue stripes on the seat is shown in front of a gray background
Jesús Bel y Carles Bel transforman chatarra en muebles
Jesús Bel y Carles Bel transforman chatarra en muebles
an old car headlight mounted on the wall next to a red box filled with bottles
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Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 grille/bib by WinnBuiltDesigns
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table in front of pictures and paintings
Lámpara de escritorio múltiple de admisión
there are two pictures of an outdoor grill on the stone wall and one is showing it's cooking area
Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo That You Can Buy Under $300
Grill it, clean it and fold it up. This wall mounted bbq grill also doubles as a shield in case your home is invaded by barbarians
two lamps sitting on top of a wooden table
several bottles are hanging from the ceiling above a counter
Garage Decor. Desire the best Car port on the neighborhood? Garage area design tricks to help keep your garage well organized & appearing sharp , including equipment, garage signs, man cave banners, lamps, and lighting. Have a garage area that is like an extension of your house. 51527428 How To Change Your Garage To Meet Your Needs