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How to Make Greek Yogurt Popsicles
easy and refreshing greek yogurt popsicles are a delicious summertime treat! on hot days, make strawberry, peach, mango, blackberry or a combo of multiple flavors with this easy greek yogurt popsicle recipe!
three balls of food sitting on top of a white plate with rice and veggies
Japanese Rice Balls (Onigiri) - Weelicious
1h 10m
some food that is on top of a plate and in the bottom there are cucumbers
Creamsicle Popsicles (with Hidden Zucchini)
Creamy and delicious creamsicle popsicles made with fresh tangerine or oranges, and zucchini! It's refreshing and wonderful, and my kids ask for this all the time. Can be made dairy free and vegan!
strawberry zucchini muffins with chocolate chips and strawberries in the middle
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Strawberry Muffins
These zucchini strawberry muffins are most, fluffy and made extra special with a handful of chocolate chips, they are easy to make a bake up in 22 minutes.
two hands holding small pieces of peanut butter banana biscuits in a blue bowl
Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Biscuits Recipe - Little Vegan Eats
✨FAVOURITE FOOD RECIPES FROM 2023 ✨ Thought we would share our top 10 recipe reels in celebration of simple vegan baby food for Veganuary this month (in no particular order) that we made in 2023 Up first: 🍌🥜3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Biscuits 🥜🍌 Makes 55-60 biscuits 🍪 BLW 🌱Suitable 6+ months This is such an easy and healthy snack that is tasty for all ages. We’ve seen a few different styles of baby biscuits like this around and decided to try to make some that used only natural
Strawberry Oat Bars | Toddler Snack
These strawberry oat bars have NO added sugar and are perfect for babies and toddlers! With only a handful of simple and whole ingredients like bananas, oats, nut butter, and strawberries, these bars are a prime example of a great toddler snack. Click here to get this recipe.
Toddler Waffle Recipe | Hidden Veggie Recipe
Are you looking for a delicious hidden veggie recipe? This great breakfast idea for toddlers, broccoli cheese waffles, is sure to be winner for picky eaters. Click here to get this waffle recipe for toddlers.
healthy sweet potato crackers in a white bowl with text overlay that says healthy sweet potato crackers
Easy Sweet Potato Crackers
1h 35m
the cover of 50 + fantastic finger food recipe ideas from babies to kids
Baby Finger Foods with 50+ Recipes and Ideas. Healthy Snack Ideas!
Banana Bars | Easy Snack Recipe
These banana bars are packed with wholesome ingredients like bananas, peanut butter, and oats, providing essential nutrients including fiber, protein, and healthy fats for growing toddlers and family members.