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Aproveitamento do espaço

For the basement stairs: cabinets, stairs with flip up steps and very narrow stairs. Each step goes up one at a time for each foot. It is sort of spaced so you are putting one foot per step with a steeper step. Very space-saving.

adega com vinhos embaixo da escada. legal

under stairs wine storage. Excellent idea for a wine cellar that doesn't take up too much space. When I win the lottery my basement will have this!

dispensa embaixo da escada

I love the idea of the pantry tucked up under the stair case. Lots of extra storage space. Shawna's Glamorous Custom Kitchen The walk in pantry is tucked into the staircase, complete with a custom made baking cart to shuttle ingredients back and forth!

A DIY concrete countertop adds sleek and modern appeal to any bathroom design. To make the vanity top, pour the concrete to the actual size of the piece of furniture being used, making sure to leave holes for the plumbing to go through.

Tidy Bathroom Some of the homeowners' favorite projects in the house are in the guest bathroom, where they used sleek and modern materials. They poured a concrete countertop for the vintage vanity and backed the shelving units with roof flashing.