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an image of a tooth with a skeleton on it's side and the inside of its mouth
This as relates to chapter 1, when it talks about how our age is immersed in very short, catchy and visual messages. While these often tend to be successful they gloss over what could be a more thought out and reasonable argument on why you should do something, such as take better care of your teeth.
a hot dog with ketchup on top of it and a mustard bottle sticking out of it
The ketchup appears to be a tongue licking a hot dog (penis). The advertisers have designed this to be food but it is obvious that there is innuendo behind it.
Muito bom. Humour, Gym, Instagram, Fitness, Business Advertising, Business Advertising Design, Marketing, Ads Creative, Gym Poster
Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples | Inspirationfeed
Muito bom.
an advertisement for a hair dryer with curly hair on the top and one in the middle
Jay Mug
Sony Earphone: Jimi Hendrix
a quote from michael porter on the subject of this image, he is in black and white
Michael Porter
a nude woman is holding something in her hand
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a shirtless man with a tag on his chest
Account Suspended
an old poster with a baby holding a comb in it's mouth and smiling
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an ad for campbell's hearty meals with a bowl of soup in the shape of a heart
becomingamerica - tlp_11_mliberge
a woman's mouth with a strawberry in front of her and a can of soda