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Natal, 1940 Tarsila do Amaral (Brasil, 1886-1973)

Natal, 1940 Tarsila do Amaral (Brasil, 1886-1973)

A pintora e desenhista brasileira Tarsila do Amaral nasceu em Capivari, a 1 de Setembro de 1886. Foi uma das figuras mais importantes da pri...

The moon, Tarsila do Amaral. This painting was the preferred painting of Oswald de Andrade, her husband when she painted the work. He saved the picture until his death (even already separated from Tarsila).

Tarsila do Amaral

Tarsila do Amaral, known simply as Tarsila, is considered to be one of the leading Latin American modernist artists, described as "the Brazilian painter who best achieved Brazilian aspirations for nationalistic expression in a modern style.