Inspiração Visual Merchandising Loja infantil

Ter o visual merchandising da sua loja bem definido é essencial para a sua loja infantil. Por isso, eu separei aqui algumas inspirações de VM no varejo…
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the baby clothes are on display in the store
¿Qué tienen en común los escaparates infantiles de Bonpoint, Benetton y Baby Dior?
a room filled with lots of clothing and accessories
バンタン卒の相羽瑠奈が初の常設店「RRR SHOW ROOM」を原宿にオープン
a room filled with lots of pink furniture
Fifty Shades Of Hope - Whose Gift Is Better?
a display in a store filled with lots of clothing
Miffy Shop-in-Shop
the back to school window display is made out of bricks and has rain boots on it
a clothing store with rows of shirts hanging from the ceiling
United Colors of Benetton - Official Website | Shop Online
a room filled with lots of items and hanging lights
The Bay Fathers Day windows 2012, Toronto