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there is a potted plant on the wall next to the door in this room
DIY Vertical Shiplap Entry Way Update on a Budget
a wooden gate with potted plants on the side and a house in the background
Kapuról, kerítésről
a black cat walking through a hallway next to a yellow door
an open bookcase with lots of books on it in a living room next to a doorway
Easy DIY Plant Shelves Using 1x2's!
You’ll need 1x2’s cut to the lengths you want. lay out ahead of time to know your design. Sand them down, I added a gel stain for matching different wood. Attach to the wall with nail gun. check they are all secured into at least one stud! Be sure they are secure. Spaced boards ¾” apart to give even spacing and enough room for shelves to securely slide into the slats. Fill the nail holes with stainable filler and add your plants! Credit to;
a wooden swing set with a blue slide and swings in the grass next to it