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an image of two men fighting in the rain, one with his hair dryer
Classic Wolverine Covers: X-Men #112
Classic X-Men #17 panel cover
a drawing of a woman in black and white, with bubbles floating above her head
Ranma ½ Manga Caps
Ranma ½ Manga Caps
a comic strip with many different faces and hats on it's sides, including the words
What Marvel Superheroes Think About Wolverine — GeekTyrant
Doctor Who, Superwholock, Bd Comics, Fangirl, Homestuck, Timey Wimey Stuff, Dr Who, Serie Tv
Tweet / Twitter
a drawing of a woman holding a bubble
Akane & P-Chan
an image of dragon ball with two different expressions
The Demon King's Final Gamble
an image of dragon ball characters in different stages of their life cycle, with the caption
Vegeta's 10 worst nightmares by pallottili on DeviantArt
the avengers movie is shown in two different languages, with captioning that reads
Best Funny infinity war Memes - 9GAG
the many faces of spider - man in different movies, with captioning below
After watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2.. I just can't UNSEE THIS. - Latest News
some people are talking on their cell phones and one person is taking a selfie
Chris Pratt Explains how he lost 40 lbs for Guardians of the Galaxy.
an anime storyboard with the characters in black and white, including one man's face
dragon ball z poster with all the characters in each character's face and their names
a drawing of a girl with her hand on her shoulder
#18 in the future, when she was evil.