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a glass jar filled with sea shells and air plants
25 очаровательных новогодних идей в пляжном стиле - Pro Handmade
ракушки новогодний декор
two glass domes with plants in them on top of a wooden table next to a window
Glass Bottle Rope Cloche
greenhouse cloche http://knockoffdecor.com/glass-bottle-rope-cloche/
a lamp that is on top of a table with some plants in it and water
オススメです! プラントグラス  - 陽だまりのえび:楽天ブログ
a hand holding a potted plant with white flowers and green grass on it's side
草物盆栽|盆栽工房 春嘉
a glass jar filled with plants and an animal's skull in the bottom half
Secret Gardens | Haute Macabre
Beautiful terrariums with fossils, skulls, and other oddities by Ken Martin of Hermetica (London).
a poster with different types of plants and rocks on it's side, labeled how to build a terrarium
Learn how to make terrariums for your wedding!
How to build a terrarium -- for your wedding centerpieces or favors!
a glass vase filled with plants and rocks
Auloniad | A woodland 'Dryad' terrarium with Amethyst crysta… | Ken Marten | Flickr
the different types of plants and rocks
Brilliant Botany
How to make a Terrarium in 4 steps … The size of your container will affect the amount of materials you will need and use: 1. The first layer is rocks, which you can purchase at pet, garden or craft stores. Add enough to the bottom for adequate drainage. 2. The next layer is activated charcoal, which you can get at pet or garden stores (it is used in fish tanks). Add a thin layer over the rocks. 3. Depending on the depth of your container, you will next add soil. Leave enough ...
a fish bowl filled with plants and soil
Drawing showing the layers of rocks, charcoal, and soil in the terrarium, along with plants, and a small garden gnome.
a glass vase filled with plants and rocks
Among the Trees Terrarium.
Among the trees terrarium
a plant in a glass bowl on a table
Fishbowl Terrarium
Fishbowl Terrarium
two lanterns with lights in them sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Verdigris - Creative Styling and Event Design Bristol I London I Birmingham I UK
Rustic lanterns with fairy lights and moss More
three jars with fairy lights in them
Battery Operated Lights - Christmas Lights, Etc
These amazing white fairy craft lights are perfect for decorating and DIY ideas! The tiny white lights are super bright and LED, so battery lasts super long. A must-have!