I love teeth. Teeth in art, tattoos, tagging, photos yes teeth.
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an old advertisement for teeth that is on display
Other Victorian Trade Cards for sale | eBay
Pearce, York, PA. Great graphic of a set of teeth!
a basket filled with lots of white toothpicks on top of a table
a pencil drawing of an apple with teeth and gums on it's side
Kamnik, Slovenia fine artist Dejvid Knezevic #artistaday
an image of different types of teeth on a blue background with the words't - shirt'written below it
the alphabet is letters
a white toilet sitting on top of a counter next to a plate with food in it
This toilet must love eating others waste.
someone is taking a photo of their teeth in the bathroom
Photography back to basics: life through the pinhole
grete-stern montage photo Collage, Grete Stern, Photomontage, Surrealist, Surrealism Photography, Fotografie, Artistic Photography, Surreal Art
grete-stern montage photo 8 - Flashbak
grete-stern montage photo
some bottles are lined up in the shape of a line on a red background with white lettering
Leyes de la Gestalt: principio de proximidad y principio de simetría
Leyes de la Gestalt: principio de proximidad
a large amount of fish floating on top of each other in the air with words above it
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a white toilet with an open lid and some toothbrushes
The Future is Coming and it Will be Amazing!
an image of a tooth made out of many smaller teeth and hands on top of each other
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