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Third son of sparda Devil May Cry / Highschool dxd male reader

Y/n is the third brother of Dante and Vergil, Y/n though that his whole family is dead and he been hunting demons ever since he was a child and now he has set his sights on japan and he going to be in for a surprise when he meets the devils of the ORC

Tu Tiên Nữ Xứng Khó Làm

Nhân sinh như mộng Đâu là thực? Đâu là hư? Xuyên vào một quyển hố văn tiểu thuyết, Vũ Linh chỉ cảm thấy... Nữ xứng thật khó làm. Nàng là ta mệnh định kiếp số, cũng là ta duy nhất yên bình cấm vực. Thập thế thập sinh. Mệnh định là một bàn cờ số phận, duyên số là sợi dây tơ hồng kết nối. Nếu nhân sinh chỉ là nhất mộng nam kha, ta nguyện cùng nàng vĩnh viễn không bao giờ tỉnh lại. Nại Hà Kiều, Vong Xuyên Thủy, Mộng Nam Kha, Luân Hồi Kiếp. Nhân vật: Vũ Linh, Mộ Thần Hy/Phối hợp: Nữ xứng nhóm…

Darkness Blade by MaelstromArt on DeviantArt

Fantasy Sword Art Illustration. This sword was originally create for myself and my OC but i decided to share it to everyone. So here it is... The blade ... Negavisio Shardowin Blade

Vampire Mate's - chapter 13 part 1

All the girls in the village including the ppgz are going to be chosen for the vampire prince mate (the rrbz). The girls don't know each other yet . Will the girls be chosen to be the vampire mates. Will the girl's be happy or angry trying to escaped being mated with the rrbz. Find out more and also bad demons and we're wolf's are trying to steal there mate's that's the only clue I'm giving to you guys.

Rise Of The Black Dragon The Rising Of The Shield Hero X Male Reader

Y/n L/n a boy who watches The Rising Of The Shield Hero he wants to go into that world to teach Motoyasu and the bitch Myne a lesson thankfully his wish has come true he suddenly gets transported to the world of Melremarc and he gets to follow out his dream but he gets to have any power he wants so let this adventure begin

More "Sword Art Online - Code Register" Christmas Outfits Joined by New Idol Promotion

Event lead up to an "Idol in Fairy World!" quest on the 28th that will offer an otoko no ko idol Kirito card

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電撃文庫 on Twitter

“本日、『#ソードアート・オンライン』は10周年を迎えました㊗ 2009年4月10日の第1巻発売から、早10年… 皆さんのおかげでここまで歩むことができました😃 これからも #SAO をよろしくお願いします⚡ 10周年公式サイトが本日オープン✨ #sao_anime #今日はユージオも誕生日”