i will get one of these soon

USB flash drives are everywhere, like floppies used to be. Almost ubiquitous. But one that’s reliably not gonna get lost is rare. The LaCie iamaKey USB drive is simple, clean, metal-encased with a proper hole for key-ring carrying.

i got these to watch tv in the bedroom without disturbing my wife while she sleeps. they have great fidelity, comfortable feel, comes with a charging base station and on sale for $60 on amazon. highly recommend this!

ROCKETFISH Rocketboost Wireless Stereo Headphones, Over-the-ear design; up to wireless range; up to 10 hours battery life;

it was january 9, 2007, the day all cell phones changed

it was january the day all cell phones changed

this case is a tank

In case you get lost while vacationing in the jungles. The Aqua Tek S is rugged, waterproof, battery-powered, solar panel-packing and in some cases camouflaged

This would be a great portable speaker to use with your iphone/ipad

Portable Bluetooth speaker that doesn't need batteries. Allows you to listen to media from your Bluetooth device.

I'll take 10 of these little babies!

Philips displayed their latest AirPlay speaker at IFA, the portable SoundRing.