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19 Exercises That’ll Give Your Tummy A Major Makeover

19 Core Exercises for a Tummy Makeover [VIDEO] Fitness: These 19 moves will get you closer to the stomach you've always dreamed of! How will you incorporate these into your workouts this week?

Vintage typewriter poster, mid century art, Retro print, heart print, words, pop art, posters with typewriters  A3

Vintage typewriter poster* mid century art* Retro print* heart print* words* pop art* posters with typewriters

The Rainbow Book of American Folk Tales and Legends' illustrated by Marc Simont, 1958 A Polar Bear's Tale


Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are-THIS IS SO TRUE!

Prints | Elske | | poster 'Two hearts' from Seventy Tree

Prints | Elske | | poster 'Two hearts' from Seventy Tree