Painel de fotos de 1 ano de idade

baby's first year canvas. one large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas.

Parede com ripas

Little cut outdoors garden

This is a MUST DO!!! @ DIY Home

Incorporate letters into photo canvases. One for each kid -- a canvas pic idea I actually like

coração de fotos

Coração feito de gente

Shrink your URLs and get paid!

Estante para livros e dvds (vermelha ou branca)

No storage? No problem! Easily create a DIY wooden crate bookshelf with wooden crates, hardware & paint.

Looooove this!!!   A drawing!!! Cool!

Holding hands with fingers intertwined.

Декоративные рамки. Доставка по Украине!

Декоративные рамки. Доставка по Украине!

King of Lions Flowy Off Shoulder

King of Lions Premium Flowy Off Shoulder

Exquisite and Vibrant Wildlife Portraits by Pixie Cold German artist known as “Pixie Cold’ became a professional artist in after four years of struggle. Homeless and lost, Pixie Cold’s passion.

Resultado de imagen para porta retratos

Resultado de imagen para porta retratos

ONLY $16 FOR HOLIDAY SALE! Tribal Lion Print by EtchesOfCrimson on Etsy

Tribal Lion Print by EtchesOfCrimson on Etsy

What a unique, eye catching way to display a year's worth of memories and moments.  This piece will be an incredible conversation piece and keepsake.  I love this on canvas, but it would also be fun printed and framed.  This is sized 24x24, but you can tweak it to go bigger or smaller.

Project 365 Album and Collage

Photographer Cafe — Project Collage I Photo Openings)

Valentine's Day: Use agulhas ou alfinetes para a forma do coração. Use linha na cor que você deseja e vá cruzando a linha de um lado pro outro do coração, sem se preocupar muito. Essa bagunça vira este lindo quadro/escultura. Uma linda obra de arte pra celebrar seu amor! Mais presentes originais para namorado ou namorada? Aqui!

Presentes originais: ideias para presente de Valentine's Day!

plot common pins on the board in a heart shaped then pass the thread in from everyside to cover up the central empty portion !