Cruz-ponto / toalha de mesa em

copritavolo bluette cornflower blue tablecloth (I would love to make this but. As big as it is I doubt if I could ever finish it)cj

Stitch tutorials

Stitch tutorials

Pekinese stitch (video) from Needle ‘n’ Thread Cast-on stitch (video) from Needle ‘n’ Thread Cast-on stitch rose from Needle ‘n’ Thread Woven fil…

passo a passo de bainha aberta

I imagine this technique applied to other fabric like jersey. It wouldn't be exactly the same but some basics can be used.

Lily of the Valley Embroidery Pattern - Vintage Crafts and More

Welcome to this Friday’s VTNS Fan Freebie! I’m sharing an old but very pretty embroidery design for the flower, Lily of the Valley. It’s suggested to use silk floss and to embroider it on a baby shirt or blanket,.

Bordado em xadrez

Discover thousands of images about Broderie Suisse, Chicken scratch, Swiss embroidery, Bordado espanol, Stof veranderen.

Basque stitch border idea

The last of the Basque borders

calado de vainicas

this is Spanish lace the website shows how to do the weaver manipulated lace weaves