#Óleos para pele | Suavidade e #perfume com um toque de seda

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Minha mãe me telefonou toda maravilhada com esse bolo que ela viu num programa de TV, principalmente porque não leva farinha, nem leite e nem açúcar, e pasmem: é uma delícia e muito simples de se f…

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Green bowl Beach - Bali

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Grant Wiggins .... In short: just because we will be living in a world of academic standards does not mean that we should be closing off options for kids or making their lives more grim and uniform. There are painful unintended consequences to national standards, and it behooves policy-makers and school-people to pay close attention to the most basic question of all: what approach to goals and programs will serve all students, not just those of a certain bent?

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Dog Leash Holder Paw Pet Wooden Pet Collar Rack Oil Rubbed Bronze Hooks Distressed Calypso

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42 Craftmade Sopwith Camel Warplane Hugger Ceiling Fan

mundo virtual: comerciais antigos uma viagem de pura nostalgia e lembranças

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Remove Sticky Stuff. To remove the goo that holds stickers, decals and tape, just use coconut oil. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin the furniture. Cover the label or sticker with a film of coconut oil and let it sit for 60 seconds. The sticky-item should wipe right off! If there’s any residue leftover, just use a bit more oil on a towel to remove it.

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Basket shelving for bathroom

Basket shelving for bathroom

BABY-FACED ASSASSIN Facial Wash Cleanser for Men, 1.7 Ounce. ENERGISING FACIAL CLEANSER- Rejuvenating Dragon's Blood and energising Blue Stone, aids skin recovery, power-cleans dirt and debris to leave your face refreshed, revitalised and oh-so-irresistible. Keep it clean but stay dangerous. CLEAN UP IN STYLE - BADLAB's products are housed in industrial-bronze packaging inspired by classic, masculine symbols such as motor oil canisters, metal-work, hardware stores and the cigarette…

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