If the walls have this or even just accents it would look really cool

Typography Research – 50’s Bomber

Atomic design symbols mid century modern Letterhead Fonts / LHF Bomber / Retro Fonts <------ NEED! Or shall attempt to draw in AiI ASAP!

1940s kitchen decor

Create a 1940s or early 1950s design kitchen - my second mood board

There are many ways to retro [<- I just love it when I used that as a verb], including style. Lots of readers seem to be totally nuts over kitchen style, so here’s my second mood board including resources to create a or early style

Vintage Goodness - A Blog For All The Vintage Geeks: Vintage Decorating - 1950's Paint Color Chip Brochures

I was digging through the basement at an estate sale a while back, and found a manilla envelope full of vintage paint chip brochures - you g.