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Seven Days of Creation Wheel

This Seven Days of Creation Wheel helps kids re-tell the Biblical creation story. Teach kids about the stories in the Bible with Sunday school crafts for kids like this amazing colored wheel that reminds kids of the stories they read.

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Love this for teaching creation had a hard time thinking of a way they could visualize creation this is great!


Preschool Creations: 6 DAYS OF CREATION ACTIVITIES. Great activity to help younger children understand the creation story using art and creativity.

Days Of Creation Wheel! Fun craft for kids to do that will also teach them about the different days of creation.

The Days Of Creation Wheel is a good way to share the story of God creating the world. Each wedge tells the story of what God did on that day of creation. This would make a great take home reminder.

Coloring pages to make Creation Bible - Поиск в Google

Maybe something simpler for my littles, like circles with each of the 7 days. Make a hanging sphere.