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82nd Airborne Division

All Men Are Created Equal But Only The Finest Served In 82 Nd Airborne Division Black T-Shirt Back

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U.S Army 82nd 82 nd Airborne Division Cufflinks - Military Cufflinks - Cufflinks

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U.S. 82 nd AIRBORNE Normandy 6 june 1944

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A Look Back At D-Day

US paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division relaxing after liberating the…

82 nd Airborne

82nd Airborne Grenada in 1983 | paratroopers of the 82 nd airborne division after helping the rangers ...

Vietnam veterans standing at a memorial wall. Scripture quoted "Greater love has no one other than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." All US wars and conflicts are listed around the border of the photograph. Image © Carolyn Marshall,

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You damn skippy!! And what team is he on the sidelines with - The Steelers!!

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Woman Gains Silver Star -- And Removal From Combat

Army Spec. Monica Brown~ was an 18 yr. old medic in Afgahnastan when she earned the Silver Star for repeatedly risking her life on April 25, 2007, to shield and treat her wounded comrades & displaying bravery and grit. She is the second woman since World War II to receive the nation's third-highest combat medal.

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army airborne paratroopers training Video

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18th Airborne Heroes Wear Jump Wings Shield

Heroes Wear Jump Wings 18th Airborne Shield

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John Bradley - A Navy corpsman, who was one of the three surviving men who raised the American Flag over Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in WWII ~

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#SupportMilitaryMuscle ..... Fan photo shoutout to @i_am_superbeast of the US…

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Monitor Political Cartoons

#USmilitary #Iraq

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A Soldier - Afghanistan War

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Master Parachutist Badge

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Vietnam vets are always my heroes

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Army Rangers in Action - Fort Benning by anja_johnson, via Flickr

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U.S. Army - Earn The Tab

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Les 12 salopards de Monsanto: les 12 produits les plus horribles fabriqués par Monsanto

the war chemical napalm/agent orange was created by Monsanto which made billions from production and sale to the U.S. gov’t during the Vietnam invasion. After securing immunity, Monsanto shifted its killingry-weaponry focus to killingry-food by selling toxic pesticides (DDT, roundup), cancer-causing poisons (aspartame) and genetically modified *terminator seed technology (GMOs) to reverse Nature's naturally regenerative cycle. Pictured here: deformed victims of agent orange in Vietnam.

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