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"A família Addams"

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‎”Pensamos em demasia e sentimos bem pouco. Mais do que máquinas, precisamos de humanidade. Mais do que de inteligência, precisamos de afeição e doçura. Sem essas duas virtudes, a vida será d…

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OK, to understand better why the Boss backed away like that, it helps to know that THIS is a picture of Little Hella. She was quite a snarky child, apparently- well, She had two older brothers, so you can imagine. Himself treasures all those memories but there are parts He'd rather not repeat. (And, yes, when They were adapting to modern American life, She really did ask if the cookies were "made with real Girl Scouts." She was an adult then but she'd heard stuff about the American…

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ghostoflalonde: chloetalksmusic: Wednesday Addams & Lydia Deetz mugshots by…

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Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp and Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester on The Addams Family) as "John", The Kid, in the 1921 film "The Kid"

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A Família Adams

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Look Halloween Fantasias improvisadas - Produção especial para festa do dia das…

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Família Addams

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Frases de Filmes, Séries e muito mais: Frase: A Família Addams (The Addams Family).

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