Energy, confidence, purpose, elan, conviction, looking upwards, believing in her art=vervy vibrancy! Pearl Primus, danseuse américaine dans le ballet African ceremonial, 1945, photo: Gerda Peterich

Dancer and choreographer Pearl Primus, PhD

A young Ghanaian child doing Akan Adowa dance majestically in her traditional                              beautiful and colorful kente apparel.   In many cases the use of Kente has a sacred intent. It may be used as a special gift item during such rites and ceremonies as child naming, puberty, graduation, marriage and soul-washing. It may also be used as a symbol of respect for the departed souls during burial rites and ancestral remembrance ceremonies.

Love this glimpse into African culture. A young Ghanaian child doing Akan Adowa dance majestically in her traditional, beautiful and colorful kente apparel.

African dance group Editorial Photo

Among the young people, dance is an ideal forum for courtship.When involved in the dance, the dancers’ true emotions flow out of them and the spectators can observe what they are really like.

African dance lessons paced for beginners.

" page 48 Beneatha dances to African music to express her African roots and their culture traditions.

N'Kafu African Dance Group - Congo Square Fest 2013

Major historical styles Adzohu (Ago, Atsia, Kadodo) Historical dance Originally a war preparation dance Today a more cultural social dance Agbekor (Vulolo, Vutsotsoe) War dance now performed at social events

African dance refers mainly to the dance of Sub-Saharan Africa, and more appropriately African dances because of the many cultural differences in musical and movement styles. Description from I searched for this on

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