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Alex Vause - Orange Is The New Black>> Actually I'm mentally dating Stella ^.

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10 Reasons Why I Have A Big Lesbian Crush On Alex Vause

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32 Jokes Only "Orange Is The New Black" Fans Will Understand

Orange Is the New Black | Played by: Laura Prepon Rap Sheet: Piper's drug-smuggling ex-girlfriend whose testimony led to Piper's arrest. On ...

'Orange Is the New Black': Mugshots and rap sheets

Alex used to be a smuggler for a major drug cartel. Though she loved Piper, she also used her as a pawn in her smuggling operation. Ten years after the crime, Alex named Piper as an accomplice, and the two both ended up at Litchfield.

A Guide To The Cast Of "Orange Is The New Black"

Laura Prepon - Alex de Orange is the new black --- la Chica del Mes de Deborarte


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