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Alexis Stewart has a few cookbooks and she makes beautiful and tasty looking food too!

de Martha Stewart

Alexis's Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Alexis's brown sugar chocolate chip cookies (thin and crispy recipe that I've made for years - always a hit)

Alexis Stewart's blog - really healthy and delicous looking food (most of it looks delicious at least). I love her honest critique of each dish.

de Martha Stewart

Alexis Stewart's Family-Friendly Apartment

Shoe rack! Smart Storage

From Alexis' Blog: "Jude had some additional surgery on her lip (she had a (an?) hemangioma there that had been worked on once but needed a little more surgery). So that day she got to recover in my bed (and truth be told the next few nights too.) The biggest hurdle is NO PACIFIER (which she typically was allowed at bed time)...the good news is I think this will force us to break her of the habit."

de Martha Stewart

Martha's Jadeite Collection

In the 1930s, jadeite dishes topped kitchen tables and diner counters all over the country. A new generation of collectors -- including Martha and Alexis Stewart -- has fallen in love with this fresh, green glass all over again.

de Simples Decoração

Banheiros e Lavabos – Desafio na Decoração

pia no cantinho


Alexis Stewart's apartment - with a view like that, you don't need fussy decor. It also takes a lot more talent to tastefully decorate with fabulous heirlooms and special finds.