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Dan Stevens and Allen Leech bromance lives on! I find it extremely unfair at the amount of handsome gentlemen in this show. Where's mine!? D:

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Allen Leech #Branson #DowntownAbbey

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Allen Leech as Branson in Downton Abbey. Ah! This moment was crazy! I seriously hope this little slut drops dead or something, because she keeps trying to seduce my lovely Irishman.

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hubba hubba!!! why do you have to be so handsome...????

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Allen Leech being silly

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Allen Leech, Downton Abbey. -My new favorite irishman ;)

Allen Leech... Why the f*ck are you so perfect?

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Allen Leech

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Allen Leech (aka Branson) Mais

Robert Sheehan

<3 Downton Abbey's fiery chauffeur Tom Branson

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