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"King Andrew" or Andrew Jackson was a major face in the Civil War. He openly attacked Nullification(Nullification Crisis.) Jackson also passed the Force Bill witch gave power to the National Government to enforce tariffs. At this time John C. Calhoun Resigned and Sc nullified the Force Act. Jackson made many accomplishments while in office.

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Michael Jackson (Green) by Andy Warhol in early 80s, 30x26; sold at auction for over $1M, owner not disclosed. In 1984, Time magazine commissioned a similar painting with yellow background.

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We put Andrew Jackson on trial. You decide his historical fate #TEDEd

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PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON. He is the ONE, the SINGLE, the ONLY President in history to have had no debt on his people. We were debtless then... so whats the damn problem?

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Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), seventh president of the United States (1829-1837), lived just long enough to have had a few photographic portraits taken.

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Tordo de Morango: DIY: Camisa Percy Jackson - Acampamento Meio Sangu...

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Andrew Jackson doesn't need secret service. Andrew Jackson does't care.

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Andrew Jackson, the Seventh President - Single handly brought the people into the Presidental election process.

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