boys-cute-boysFondness / Kindness / Tenderness Andy Biersack

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andy biersack, black veil brides, and bvb <- So proud of him and how far he's come.New BVB Album some time soon as well.This Friday it's hard for me to grasp that The Shadow Side will be out.Can't wait to hear how different it is compared to BVB

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Andy Biersack. Man he is so attractive...BUT HIS VOICE UGHHHHHHHHH

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Andy Biersack ❤️dat feather tattoo.... Nshsnuhnshunshunushnshunhudnuhdmijdmijsmij

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peasant: UR MUSIC IS SATINIST!! me: yeah, so evil... #FOREVERANDYSIXX

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Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides writing lyrics and jamming out. Love you lots Andy <3 - Laura

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He is my role model because he is able to save people and is able to ignore most haters and follow his dreams

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andy biersack 2014 - Hledat Googlem

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Never thought I would say this, but my sister has me totally hooked on this guy.

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Andy Biersack ☆ and Daredevil the dog

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