Angel coulby

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Guinevere» I'm going to pretend I'm not nervous, that I'm very upbeat and cheery. I hate crowds but I have to act like it doesn't faze me. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself. As I heard my name I fixed my outfit and walked on stage.

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Angel Coulby because I completely adore this woman. I don't care what people say, she's my favorite Gwen.

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Guinevere» I smiled and looked out at the crowd. Thanks to my stylist I looked younger and more innocent than I actually was and a planned to use that. I waved to the capitol people and caught flowers that came near my chariot. I tried to get my District partner Axel to smile too and thankfully he did. Everywhere I looked more and more flowers got thrown. At the end of the parade I had a rather nice collection. I think we made quite the impression on the Capitol.

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Angel Coulby behind the scenes ~ Merlin

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I absolutely love the cast of Merlin! :)

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Angel Coulby, who plays Guinevere in "The Adventures of Merlin"

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Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby & Katie McGrath... I love them... Can I marry Colin?

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Angel Coulby for Katharine Belasko. Katharine escaped the massacre in Ambrosia and travelled to Hells Mouth where she found work as a blacksmith. Katharine died aged 80, never knowing that her three children had survived the massacre.

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She is called Gwen and is a handmaid most of the time in BBC Merlin, but she will end as Queen Guinevere.

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