Angela Davis, looking fierce and beautiful.   What Emmy Hughes's mom might look like: from The Last King, a fantasy/romance novel by A. Yamina Collins
This picture advertises "power and equality" amongst black men and women. Posters like this motivated people to take a stand and fight for what is right.
Angela Davis #Black #History #Culture
Kathleen Cleaver, Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, Assata Shakur

30 Day Real Black History Challenge 2014 – Week Four (#30DayRBHC)

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It's not too late: Feminist Halloween Costumes

The Trial of Angela Davis #AfricanAmerican #Civilrights
Angela Davis, photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders as part of his portrait project "The Black List." Retired from her professorship at the University of California, she has founded Critical Resistance, an organization working against the prison-business complex in the US.  More like her at