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These 20Animals Look Totally Different Without Their Hair. The Bear Blew My Mind!

This is what the Sphynx looks like all grown up. Personally I prefer my kitties with fur to cuddle up to.

Reindeer by mitchanx: Rangifer tarandus are thought to be the only mammals that can see ultraviolet light. A study in 2011 revealed that reindeer can see light with wavelengths as low as 320 nm, considerably below the human threshold of 400 nm. It is thought that this ability helps them to survive in the Arctic, because many objects that blend into the landscape in visible light, such as urine and fur, produce sharp contrasts in ultraviolet light.…


National Zoo Giant Anteater Baby by Smithsonian's National Zoo: Baby anteaters are carried on Mom's back until weaning. #Giant_Anteater

de Lauren Conrad

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