ANIMAL MAGNETS, buy cheap plastic toy animals and spray paint them silver or gold and spray with a glossy finish then put a magnet on the back!

Awesome Animal Magnets (DIY) Spray paint plastic toy animals then cut them in half. Hot glue magnets inside both halves and you're done.

#DIY - buy a set of little plastic animals at a craft store, cut them in half, spray paint them, glue a magnet on each half, and voila! Funny little magnets for your fridge (or super fun office space)

I call dibs on pig butt. // Gold Farm Animal Magnets for Housewarming - 8 piece set - Gold Sheep Dog Pig Goat (Ram). via Etsy.

Hey girl! I saw these animals chopped in half on instagram and now I’m glad to see where you were going with them.

DIY Party Animal Magnets

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Bedroom Decor

DIY Animal Magnets---could do ocean sea life, like octopus starfish regular fish dolphins, sprayed in white gold and matte navy. When in doubt matte over sparkle.

Animal Magnets - for some reason, these totally make me smile!

animal butt===DIY project : spray paint kids animals from the craft store cut in half and glue a magnet on - voila!

Wedding Escort Card Holders - Pick your animals - 25 full holders

Make your own custom WEDDING set of Animal magnetic escort card holders. Wow your guests with these adorable animal magnets that can be used

DIY gold animal magnets: saw a plastic figurine (animal) in half and spray paint it metallic, then stick a magnet on the back

Fridge Chic: DIY Gold Animal Magnets (Fashionlush)

Add a little chic flair to your fridge with these adorable DIY gold animal fridge magnets.