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Anime No Sekai

ano no exorcist: this anime is one of my favorite anime's. it is a story about Rin (the main character) who always had a normal life with his brother and father who is a priest. until he find out he's the son of Satan!!! he all at once find out these new powers about himself and while living through the lost of his thought to believe father. his claims revenge on satan an vows to kill him with his own hands. on the way he meet all kinds of friends. Over all AMAZING anime.


Shirayuki y Zen // Akagami no Shirayukihime-Snow White with the Red Hair


Apesar dos principais serem o Kou e a Futaba ( os abaixados na frente) meus personagens preferidos são : Kominato e a Murao ( o loirin e a do cabelo preto )


A prince and a not so common commoner, they both come from different world yet they care for each other and know one day they will be together.


Anime : Tonari no Kaibutsu kun