Anime:Tamako love story

Anime:Tamako love story I have not seen it yet but I need to I've heard alot about it

What's your favorite anime? and how can he not love Death note,Naruto,and Bleach

The correct answers are Fma Soul eater one piece and fairy tail :D (cant only choose one Favorit anime)<<<<<<<< I would choose Fairytail

Shingeki No kyojin : this used to be me but now when anyone doesn't like shingeki no kyojin this is what I say

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Tokyo Ghoul

I just realised that I have so many boards but not one of them is about Tokyo Ghoul!

"La cosa peggiore dell'essere forti è che nessuno si chiede mai se stai bene" Cit: Quotes anime (Tradotte)

Anime: Toradora << Aisaka has such amazing character development. She is literally my favorite anime character to ever exist. The problem with being strong is that no one ever asks you if you're okay