Styling tips for apple shaped girl

Everything an Apple-Shaped Girl Needs to Know About Dressing

In this article, you will learn what a girl with an apple body shape need to keep in mind about dressing. Learn all the fashion tips for apple-shaped girl here.

the-best-little-black-dress-for-the-Apple-shaped woman. The lace yoke is a great feminine detail whereas the gathers are comfortable for your wider mid-section. The dress however shows off your toned legs.  3 ways to wear your LBD - Little black dress in the day for a formal evening event and to party.

3 ways to wear an LBD for all body shapes

Stitch Fix Stylist: I'm somewhere between the left two (Curvy & Busty), but I feel like I tend to gravitate toward the sytles mentioned for Curvy in this diagram. (except when it comes to pants, I only tend to wear skinny jeans with boots).

Dress for Your Body Type

This is a guide for what clothing suits women based on their body type. Whether you're busty, curvy, straight up and down, pear shaped, etc. there are clothes for your body shape!

"Rules for Apple Body Shape" by pinkrubbersoul on Polyvore

adding this for my stylist. Not about the looks, just to let you know this is my body type. Thin arms, legs, broader top and thicker middle. Rules for Apple Body Shape by pinkrubbersoul .

Apple-Shaped Women: 31 Rules for Your Body Type - (article) -

Apple-Shaped Women: 31 Rules for Your Body Type. Not sure if I'm actually apple-shaped or not but I find myself thinking these tips make a lot of sense for me

If you're an apple shape, like me, this has some good tips on what to wear & what not to wear! I found it very helpful!

This ilustration shows an outfit appropriate for an apple-shaped woman. It hides the problem areas and accentuates the positive features.