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KQED's mobile film unit follows James Baldwin in 1963, as he's driven around San Francisco to meet with members of the African-American community. He is escorted by Youth For Service's Orville Luster and intent on discovering: "The real situation of Negroes in the city, as opposed to the image San Francisco would like to present." He declares: "There is no moral distance ... between the facts of life in San Francisco and the facts of life in Birmingham. Someone's got to tell it like it is.

CINVESTAV busca extender colaboración académica con Granca principalmente en las áreas de cómputo y automatización -

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Artículo 61-. Los cursos de recuperación académica se autorizarán para las asignaturas en que se inscriba el mínimo de estudiantes para la apertura de un grupo.

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Bioinnova / Tatiana Bilbao

© Iwan Baan Architects: Tatiana Bilbao Location: Culiacán Rosales, Sinaloa, Mexico Area: 6260.0 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Iwan Baan Partners:


Cooperative Learning: 7 Free Jigsaw Activities for Your Students

children are ill-served by starting formal learning at four, as currently happens in many areas of the country and as is being proposed by the government as a national policy. Starting formal learning before the age of six "dents children's confidence and risks long-term damage to their learning".

Digital document solutions company Nitro has moved into a new office designed by Design Blitz.

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Estádio Cidade de Coimbra

Académica de Coimbra (Associação Académica de Coimbra – Organismo Autónomo de Futebol) - Portugal