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Natalinos Mais

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#SEGUNDA NATALINA - Centros de mesa

My Christmas centerpiece:

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Decoração de São João. Tecidos coloridos e trajes típicos. O arranjo central foi feito dentro de um chapéu de palha. Luminária feita com cesto de palha e flores para Almoço de sexta | Arquitetura, Decoraçāo, Lifestyle e Viagens

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Eco Christmas Table Decorations Made of Pine Cones

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Central Park Boathouse Wedding by Magic Flute Videos + Julia Newman Photography

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Daydream Coneflower has a prominent central cone surrounded by striking lemon-yellow fragrant petals. The flowers grow on sturdy stems. The striking, colorful, and fragrant flowers have a prominent central cone held high on sturdy stems. This coneflower will create a little tropical paradise when added to your garden! It produces long lasting flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds and makes beautiful flower arrangements too! #spring #gardenchat #gardening

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DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece

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Homemade Christmas decorations

Conical sundial (Dionysiodoros' cone) 11 hour lines engraved on a semi conical concave surface with a slope towards the celestial pole, arranged at distances of 15 degrees define the 12 daily hours, while the three curves define the course of the sun during the summer solstice (the lowest line) the equinoxes (the central line) and the winter solstice (the upper line). On other days, the shadow of the sun outlines parallel arcs between the curves, according to the season.

Pinecone Wreath

Pinecones come in many shapes and sizes, but each one has the same basic structure: overlapping rows of scales spiraling around a central axis.