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Proprioception the reason why Low back pain can stick around and become chronic

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How To Stay Inspired And Happy

How To Stay Inspired And Happy

Elephant (wisdom, stability) The elephant has always been revered for its size, intelli-gence, and devotion to family. The Greek philosopher Aristotle admired the elephant for its great wisdom andintelligence. In Hinduism, the elephant-headed god Ganeshais invoked before any undertaking for his wisdom. Ganeshais said to bring stability and abundance to shop owners. Elephant Associations Direction: North Element: Earth Deities: Ganesh, Indra, Siva If you’re having problems making…

Artist: Ilya Zomb Title: PLEASURE OF WALKING ON WATER Size: 44 x 50 inches / 112 x 127 cm Medium: Oil on linen This picture displays balance by showing the reflection in the water. It is the same image as the one on top of the water. I choose it because I think it is a great picture of mankind with nature.