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10 Livros infantis para trabalhar questões raciais na escola - Nós 2


Atividade: Cartilha contra o Bullying para montar com a turma! - ESPAÇO EDUCAR


Alfabetização e Gestão Escolar, Literacy and School Management: Projeto Bullying Atividade contra o bullying.


Atividade: Cartilha contra o Bullying para montar com a turma! - ESPAÇO EDUCAR


True Colours (by Artists Against Bullying) ASL

Respeitol: escola cria remédios de mentirinha contra bullying

Preocupadas com as práticas de bullying e cyberbullying, escola envolve todos os alunos em um projeto de conscientização com atividades múltiplas

MLK Jr. Crafts Kids Love & Will Start the Conversation about Race

Teaching diversity Expectation #1 idea. Beginning of the year activity.


This packet is full of activities to build awareness about bullying with younger students during National Bullying Prevention or any time of year. Packet includes:Write the Room ActivityAbout Bullying Discussion SheetTattling and Reporting Poster Tattling or ReportingBe a Buddy, Not a BullySame or Different?I Can Write About BullyingPledge Cards and Poster Linked Together Against Bullying!

Parenting: 5 things every Parent should know about Depression and Suicide watch Foreign movies are a big influence on depression and suicide related cases This week has been a confusing and sad one that is because I spent earlier part of the week consoling a friend colleague and sisterPatricia Ebolum over the death of her oldest son Verishima Unokyur who committed suicide in the wee hours of January 2nd 2017. How does one console a woman who has given her all to give life to her children…

7 Deadly Sins You're Committing When Dealing with Debt Collectors

If a debt collector ever tele-bullies you by posing as a fraud investigator looking at suspicious activity on your credit card to get you on the phone, or as a lawyer who is going to bring a case against you tomorrow (calling from a shelter law firm that’s really a call center, or using a lawyer-sounding name), know that this is not only unacceptable, but illegal. | Click through to learn about 6 other Deadly Sins you're committing when dealing with debt collectors.