Meia Bebê Crochê Soneca - Aprendendo Crochê

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Meia para Bebê em Croche Soft - Aprendendo Crochê - YouTube

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25 Babysitting Problems

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Nap Nanny!!! Ok I'm tellin y'all this helps best or babies that are restless! This piece of foam guarantees more sleep or babies! Tate uses his for feeding and after his bath, he use to sleep on it but he's a big boy now and he likes to stretch out! I definetley recommend this for newborns!!!

Johnny Duarte: Fotógrafo de animais “nato”

Pitbulls used to be called "The Nanny Dog" because they are so devoted to their humans...

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Aprender Brincando: Estimulação visual para Berçário e Maternal I

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Omg it's the 'baby dragon' position, from 'how to train your dragon'... I thought only my cat did this ha! Love it!!

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Best invention ever! My friend Brittany told me about this and her family bought it for my son. I had no idea how/when to use until my son was dx with pertussis. A complete lifesaver so he doesn't need to lay flat. Sleeps in it every night for past 6 weeks!

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