Baboon. What a funny looking thing :)

I think they are such gorgeous animals. A recent favorite of mine.

The Son of The Boss by Willem Verboom

(via / The Son of The Boss by Willem Verboom) Mandrill found on llbwwb…

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The mandrill is found in Nigeria, southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo. Its distribution is bounded by the Sanaga River to the north and the Ogooué and White Rivers to the east.

funkysafari: Mandrill by Berendje Photography1     Waaay too scary!

Mandrill by Berendje - I hope this was taken with a telescopic lens.whew - and those teeth would look awesome bleached.

Africa | "Baboon portrait".  Kruger National Park, South Africa | ©Michael Deeble

Baboon - long face, leathery skin, fur around face, small orange eyes

"Anger Management"  [Mandrill portrait]~[Photographer Robert Jensen - December 24 2011]'h4d'121001

Azumeh the mandrill. Happy or sad, he's got just the manipulatable mug for the job - but it's definitely his angry face that gets him the most attention. Just one command from his trainer and there you go, one angry-looking mandrill.

Aspecto general del mandril

Photo about Mandrill, Mandrillus sphinx, 22 years old, primate of the Old World monkey family against white background - 27269389