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NEW IMAGES - Sea Otter Rescue at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska. These images are for my upcoming book, Sea Otter Rescue, due to be.

Sleepy Sea Otter, are so Cute. Animal always is the best without any worry, don't need to earn Money, unlike us humans. Animal can make u happy at the same time can make u sad also.

My baby boo fell asleep on me. I know you're tired babe. Oh and I need this baby otter

Sea Otter Mom & Pup

Female Sea Otter (Brown) Holding Newborn Pup Out Of Water, Prince William Sound, Southcentral Alaska, Winter Poster Print x

Baby sea otter and momma

Baby sea otter and momma.I have always adored Sea Otters only to learn they are my totem animal:-)

There is a whole photo album dedicated to this cutie.

Baby Otter

An orphaned sea otter pup at the Alaska SeaLife Center is seen looking quite fluffy and cute. She has adjusted well and is even sometimes mischievous. So cute!

This orphaned female Sea Otter pup was rescued off the side of a road by Alaska SeaLife Center and rehabilitated there. She has just been transferred.

Pup 681 is receiving round-the-clock care from sea otter specialists

Orphaned baby otter rescued from California coast – in pictures

An orphaned otter pup, rescued from a San Mateo County beach when it was just a week old, has arrived at her new home halfway across the country at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, officials said.

These otters prove just how adorable nap time is

Sleepy baby sea otter takes a nap on its mother's belly

Proud otter parent (showing off its decidedly embarrassed offspring :p)

32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

Most photogenic otter ever…

Most photogenic otter ever…

Funny pictures about Most photogenic otter ever. Oh, and cool pics about Most photogenic otter ever. Also, Most photogenic otter ever.

It's been a long day, so here's a cute baby otter to heal your ailments

It's been a long day, so here's a cute baby otter to heal your ailments

Sea Otter Mom and Pup Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium A wild Sea Otter mom took her pup for a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! The pair spent the day hanging out in the aquarium's nearby Great Tide Pool, much to the excitement of visitors and staff.