Our science teacher has this taped to the back of her computer so that whenever we are waiting to talk to her we are just awkwardly staring at a lemur

Priceless - I literally need a T-shirt made . For those days where you cant say it, but you feel it

Back To Work Memes We Can All Relate With (10 Photos)

Hilarious Pictures of the week pics- Unhappy Grandma In Ball Pit.Come on, just one picture Grandma.

28 Work Memes to Get You Through Your Work Day

28 Work Memes to Get You Through Your Work Day

The last thing you want to be caught doing at work is looking at anti-work memes.

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Here are 10 hilarious back to work memes we can all relate with after the holidays.

"Spring Break is over and it is back to work tomorrow. #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers" Photo taken by @littleroomunderthestairs on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! http://www.instapinapp.com (04/05/2015)

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The 6 phases of going back to work after a holiday - Tech Girl

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: After being off work for so long I forgot what it is that I pretend to do around here.

{Litty Gang} Pinterest: @kayla2004marie

10 Awesome Photos Today!#7 Incredible Mondo Pasta Ship Ad.

Unexpected Christmas gift Beach photobomb Eat while watching my show on Netflix. Funny Gym memes Holidays are over, go back to work. Playing music to make people smile. Awesome mondo pasta ship ad Everybody is a critic. Danny Devito cut-out as a.