Baixo imperio egito

The Narmer Palette (Great Hierakonpolis Palette) Cairo J.E. 14716, C.G. 32169 Hierakonpolis (Horus Temple 'Main Deposit') - h. 63,5 cm

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Tutankamun pouring perfume oil onto the waiting hand of his queen Ankhesenamun, as shown on the gilded side of his Nekhbet shrine.

The painted floor of Akhenaten's palace, at Akhetaten, illustrates bouquets of water lilies and flower vases. Cairo Museum.

Pillar of Senusret I- Egypt

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Papyrus of Hunefer, detail.jpg More details Detail from the papyrus of Hunefer; the sun god represented as a cat kills the serpent of darkness with a knife. Egypt

The Ramesseum. Built by Ramesses the Great. The Egyptians had strong religious convictions which were reflected in their ancient temples.

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Ceremonial Palette (The Four Dog Palette), reverse, ca. 3300-3100 BC | Copyright © 2013 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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La déesse Bastet jouant du sistre Basse Époque (664 - 332 avant J.-C.) | Site officiel du musée du Louvre

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Rare amulet representing the goddess Maat walking upright & wearing the double crown of Upper & Lower Egypt.

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