Here some pictures from my niece and her new Barbie house as promised. I even think we have a new Barbie fan in the family. Her little sister . (Diy Furniture For Kids)

Bookcase House

DIY Barbie House

DIY Barbie House: Build your own Barbie house for your dolls to play in. Add your own Barbie furniture and decor for the perfect gift.

house for barbies

Always wanted a doll house when I was a little girl! Wonderful idea to make a Doll House out of book shelves! It give you so many options for set up.

Настенные часы в кукольный дом


Today's IKEA trip delivered some serious bounty, inspired by this beautiful makeover by I couldn't help myself but grab an Ikea dollshouse. I think 3 houses make a collection right?

DIY dollhouse!

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