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First look at Black Sails Season 4 Were about a month away for the fourth and final season of Black Sails. Last season built up to the battle for Nassau and now we have the two sides vying for the island. Captain Flint along with John Silver has amassed an army with Madi and her people.The appearance of Woodes Rogers has changed things for the pirates to the point of bringing back civility to the anarchist island. Season 4 of Black Sails brings us to the last battle for piracy. Nassau…


Dear Jesus, I come to you in total faith that You and You alone will save this great nation that I and so many others like me call America. America as we know we know it is totally broken. Americans like the rest of the world need You. Please save our Country, America. In Your precious Name I pray Amen!! God Bless America!!


TREADMILL MISTAKES YOU MUST BE MAKING A treadmill comes in handy for many of us and for those who can’t gather up the motivation to walk or run outdoors or can go for a workout. It's no wonder treadmills rank as the most popular piece of exercise equipment. Using one seems simple enough, but you can still develop bad habits that can sabotage your results—and even lead to injury. Experts share the most common treadmill blunders and how to correct them so you’re maximizing your calorie-burning…


WILD BLUE IRIS - Iris missouriensis (Seed - Packet 350mg.) This amazing variety of iris grows to full bloom from seed!! It produces beautiful large blue blooms. Also known as western blue flag iris, it is native to a range between Colorado and California, but can grow just about anywhere in the US. It does Establish rhizomes, and comes back every year. Best in full sun, light soil, with good drainage. In addition, germination of this seed can be improved by scarification, then 90-180 days…


I like the simplicity of a checkerboard sandwich, but will my kids really be interested in eating a sandwich simply because of alternating bread colors? Hmmm...come to think of it, probably so. ;)


3- (Willard Asilo - New York) - Construído em 1869 e fechado em 1995. Alojamento para 4.000 pacientes em seu pico. Mais do que a metade dos 50.000 pacientes que chegaram a Willard Asylum, morreram dentro das suas paredes.. Isso faz com que o asilo necrotério (foto acima), um dos mais arrepiantes lugares que podemos imaginar.

12 Weirdest Barbie-Inspired Dolls

12 Weirdest Barbie-Inspired Dolls (diamonds barbie, pregnant barbie, fat barbie) - ODDEE

Weez the People r a comin!.......on r bikes (cough), in r trucks (cough cough gag), marchin armed on foot cross dem bridges (bahahaha-wait a sec. I'm all teary eyed), with r Confederate/snake flags we shall REVOLT! REVOLT! REVOLT! We WILL take back the gubment! Obamy, u mooslim commi, u done! Weee doggie! Where's my tobaccy? spit. Uh.........h e l l o. h e l l o? Hey u guys ever heard of ...........TREASON? Hello? My peoples--they kinda dumb.....BUT they 'good' christian folk. cough


Shabbat Message Shimon Peres: When I see the great response of our boys and girls, soldiers in reserve and mandatory services, being called to the flag, my heart is moved by the demonstrated unity and strength of Israel. I know these people and proud not only of its resilience, but also the comradeship, the assistance to the other. Be good, be alert, stay safe and listen to the instructions of the Home Front Unit. I wish that serenity comes back quickly. Shabbat Shalom to all


American flag crop top Good condition besides yellow highlighter on the back! Comes with free gift Tops Crop Tops