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60s TAIYO Japanese Tin Battery Operated "Love Love Beetle Volkswagen" ~ MIB

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How to Kill Grub Worms in Garden Soil

Nearly every gardener has encountered white grubs infesting garden soil and the lawn surrounding it. These white grubs are immature Japanese beetles. Adult Japanese beetles lay their eggs in soil during the summer, and the grubs hatch from the eggs. The grubs begin feeding on the root system of just about any plant they can find, including grass in...

Kanzashi butterfly - Create and Copy: May 2012


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besouros japoneses fornicar


Acasalamento entre Popillia japonica, dois besouros japoneses.

М.Э. Смирнов - новые макрофотографии для атласа жуков России и сопредельных стран (сентябрь 2007 г.)


Acasalamento entre besouros japoneses, o Popillia japonica. Fotografia: D. Gordon e E. Robertson.