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Quickly assess your middle school students' understanding of constants in experiments with this exit ticket about the scientific method.


Use these matching cards to help your students practice finding equivalent expressions and situations. Students will have to combine like terms and use the distributive property to make these matches. This activity also provides a practice worksheet and an exit ticket.

STUDENT TICKETS - Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

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Writers Workshop - Student Conference "Deli-Style"

I’m a big fan of one-on-one conferencing with students as a way to connect with them and check for understanding. I use this “deli-style” format with students as a fun way to let them know it is their turn to conference with me. Each student is given a ticket (from 1 to how ever many students you have in class) at the beginning of class and meets me at the designated conference area in the room when they hear the “DING!” and their number appears on the projector screen. Kids love it!

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Exit Ticket or Ticket Out the Door Template

Exit Tickets or Ticket out the Door as they are also called, are a great way to give teachers a snapshot of the overall student learning, caught what you taught. Before students leave, they have to hand you a ticket filled out with an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or a response to what theyve learned.


If you thought exit tickets were just for the older grades, check out these AMAZING primary common core exit tickets for ELA. Even if you've never used exit tickets, these are SO quick and easy to use!


Guthrie Matinee Student Group Ticket Prices

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