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Channing Thomson on

The Bionic Woman doll. I wanted one so bad after Jack got the Six Million Dollar Man.  Mom finally bought me one and I played with it for hours and hours.

Me encantaba jugar con la mujer biónica. Jamie Sommers, the bionic woman doll.

The Bionic Woman

The infamous fembots from The Bionic Woman, Season 2 episode, "Kill Oscar" (From a 3 part series, with parts 1 & 3 on The Bionic Woman and Part 2 on The Six Million Dollar Man). The "faceless" version of these fembots scared the crap out of me!

Jaimie Sommers (Lindsey Wagner), "The Bionic Woman" 1974-76"

Jamie Sommers - The Bionic Woman - Moviestore Collection/Rex Features